On inner democracy and leadership


Our democracy has become a play, a game of appearances that lacks an inner democratic disposition. That is the thesis of German psychiatrist, therapist and writer Hans-Joachim Maaz. In Germany as well, you might think? Indeed so.

But there is hope, I counter. Democracy can learn from what has taken place in leadership practices in recent decades under the influence of leadership experts like my teacher Manfred Kets de Vries.

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Over innerlijke democratie en leiderschap


Onze democratie is een spel geworden, een spel van uiterlijkheden waaraan een innerlijk-democratische innerseelische gezindheid ontbreekt. Dat is de these van de Duitse psychiater, therapeut en schrijver Hans-Joachim Maaz. Ook in Duitsland denkt U? Inderdaad.

Maar er is hoop, stel ik daar tegenover. De democratie kan leren van wat er zich in afgelopen decennia op het gebied van leiderschap heeft afgespeeld onder invloed van leiderschapsexperts als mijn leermeester Manfred Kets de Vries.

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Disinformation and moralism

Disinformation and fake news threaten our institutions and destabilise our democracies. So let’s avoid disinformation and fake news! Is it that simple?

This paper looks at the systemic and psychological undercurrents of the phenomenon of disinformation. It concludes that it is pointless to brand disinformation as immoral behaviour that needs to be stopped. For disinformation is a symptom of the zeitgeist. It is pointless to moralise symptoms, just as it is pointless to moralise colds, or loneliness.

It makes more sense to ask: does this symptom point to something? Could disinformation also be a symptom of a collective leap in consciousness? Verder lezen “Disinformation and moralism”