Why fake news is here to stay, and 5 ways to deal with it.

The phenomenon that we call fake news will not go away. We often associate fake news with malicious schemers manipulating media, but that’s only part of it, rather a consequence. It is much more a symptom of social evolution and the result of societal and technological developments leading to the erosion of meaning. But we can do something to deal with it. A system-psychological exploration. Verder lezen “Why fake news is here to stay, and 5 ways to deal with it.”

Self-management, the puberty pimple of modernity.

Why self-management is a transient phenomenon, a system-psychological analysis.

In February 2015, VPRO’s TV show “Tegenlicht” expressed a long-felt societal desire: The End of the Manager. It seemed like the starting shot for self-management to become a hit in the Netherlands. The boost seemed to be a revival of a gently slumbering trend dating from the end of the 1970s: sociotechnology, as it was then called. Verder lezen “Self-management, the puberty pimple of modernity.”